My Mondrian table lamps„„car-boot gems. Who remembers the Mondrian inspired Loreal packaging in the bold brash colours of the 80’s?


I’m not religious, but two of my projects deal with the belief, disbelief and abuse of faith. Teléfono a Dios (Telephone 2 God) is pretty self-explanatory. I decided to rename this track in Spanish for two reasons: Some of my family recently visited Mexico and a small Mexican village.They were amazed how happy and content these people were and how God played such a huge part in their lives, even though they lived very simple and often a hand-to-mouth daily existence. A stark contrast to many of us who live a materialistic affluent life and get pissed off if our iPhone or Blackberry power dies. The other reason I named this track in Spanish was I felt the English title may have scared some people off from listening it:assuming it may be a subtle preaching message which of course it’s not! Another almost finished track has a more serious aggressive edge, it’s called Enigma Rookie: an anagram which also by chance fits the meaning of the original wording ( I didn’t want to use for reasons that will become evident when I post the track).

Hope you like the track,,comments welcome:

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I never tire of this mix.